About Kevin

Photography has always been a passion, a creative release.

There is an excitement in that split second of capturing an emotion and telling a story, which speaks to the viewer.

Kevin’s professional photography career started in travel and high fashion, working with resorts, destination cities, and several magazines while running Kidder Design Group, a creative design firm. These days his main focus is in the equestrian industry, a niche that he fell into shooting “pet” photos for a lifelong friend.

“I received a lot of criticism when I first started shooting horses. Not necessarily because the photos were bad, but because they were not ‘the norm’. Whipping tails, dynamic action, drama….

To me it added excitement and captured the personality!”

Trade Skills

Photography 0 %

Photoshop & Illustrator 0 %

Creative Design & Marketing 0 %

Print & Ad Design 0 %

Web Design 0 %


Marketing and Promotion

Stock Photos


Web Design

Specialize in custom, user-friendly sites.

Personal, Business, E-Commerce

SEO Friendly, Dynamic, Cross-Platform solutions

Marketing & Development

Effective marketing is about getting attention and building a presence.

Marketing Developement

Advertising & Placement

Creating an effective “Brand”


Creating your “Brand” is crucial to the impression others have of you and your business.

A successful brand will encompass all aspects of your business, from colors and layout to fonts.


  • White Andalusian Stallion


    Art Direction, Creative, Equestrian, Magazine, Photography

  • Photoshop


    Art Direction, Creative

  • Dramatic Equestrian Photography


    Equestrian, Photography

  • Aerial Video

    Art Direction, Creative, Equestrian, Video

  • Equestrian Advertising

    Advertisement Design

    Art Direction, Branding, Equestrian, Magazine, Photography

  • Equestrian Photographer

    Equestrian Photo Shoot

    Equestrian, Photography

  • Tabasco


    Creative, Photography

  • Sjoerd

    Beach Shoots

    Branding, Equestrian, Magazine, Photography

  • Stallion Marketing

    Stallion Marketing

    Branding, Equestrian, Magazine, Photography

  • Divo Canvas

    Equestrian Art

    Branding, Creative, Equestrian, Magazine

  • Ranch Shoots

    Ranch Branding

    Art Direction, Branding, Equestrian, Photography

  • Personal Photo Shoots


    Equestrian, Photography

  • dessert photography

    Food & Beverage

    Branding, Creative, Photography

  • Real Estate Photography

    Real Estate/Architecture

    Architecture, Creative, Magazine, Photography, Real Estate, Talent

  • Editorial


    Art Direction, Fashion, Magazine, Talent, Video

  • Events

    Events, Photography

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